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Innovation and R&D

Green Tech is shaping a sustainable future by investing heavily into innovative production methods and research and development. 

Our manufacturing plant uses fully automatic control equipment such as DCS/PLC and SIS systems minimizing human error and maximizing efficiency, quality control, and precise formulation of our chemicals. Various monitoring and emergency facilities are in place to provide a guarantee for long term, sustainable development.

Our innovative production methods recycle all by-products, and desalination waste water back into production lines for re-use. We have created a circular production flow which minimizes chemical and water waste. We employ top of the line gas treatment equipment which absorbs the industrial exhaust gas, preventing damage to our environment. From innovative technologies that improve the operating efficiency of our industrial equipment to water reuse and raw material recycling, we aim to become one of the most sustainable and environmentally conscious manufacturers of water treatment chemicals in China.

Our research and development center is continuously finding more sustainable formulations in order to minimize the impact to our environment. We are studying and developing ways to be more energy efficient in our production, as well as shortening and strengthening our supply chain to minimize our carbon footprint. Through continuous investment into innovation and R&D, we are also decreasing our production costs in order to offer our customers competitive pricing and higher quality products creating VALUE for them and their customers.